(e)Portfolio (70 points)

At the end of term, final (e)portfolios will be published online in wordpress or DU portfolio. The portfolio will contain an about (you) page that in two or so paragraphs introduces you and your portfolio and explains the portfolio contents.  More details about this assignment will be provided later in the quarter.

(e)Portfolio Scoring Guide (70 points)

The (e) portfolio will contain your revised nature memoir, your revised green campaign (3 parts), and an About/Introduction page, that briefly introduces you and your (e)portfolio. Additional content is fine, too. 

(30%) (e)Portfolio Design and Layout

  • Organization and Navigation
  • Aesthetically pleasing

(10%) About/Introductory/Bio page content

  • Content establishes ethos and purpose
  • Contact information

(10%) Delivery

  • Edited, polished prose

(50%) Revised Nature Memoir and Revised Green Campaign(Op-ed, Infographic, Social Media)

  • Evaluated by original assignment criteria