Green Campaign, Part 3: Social Media

Green Campaign, Part 3: Social Media (30 points)

For Part 3 of their green campaign, students will create a series of (five or more) posts on a social media platform of their choosing. One of your posts can include your infographic (or parts of it), but the others should be new content, designed and written with social media in mind. There’s some flexibility here, but you will create the content (e.g. create your own meme, don’t share one created by someone else). The posts can be a series of separate if related posts or something like this Instagram from Divest DU. For the draft deadline, you’ll want to create 3 posts, and submit them on an MS word document, or in Mac Pages, or on a google doc (i.e. you don’t need to post them on  social media yet). Your social media posts will also be published on your (E)Portfolio.

Green Campaign, Part 3: Social Media Posts: Scoring Guide

(10%) Writing Process: Peer review submission and participation; self-evaluation

(40%) Content of Social Media Posts:

  • Clear purpose with a cohesive message and narrative or informational arc for the posts
  • Reliable information
    • Conveyed by text and visuals (photos, tables, figures)
    • Derived from credible sources
  • Mix of new content and existing content (like your infographic) in five or more posts
  • Consistent voice in posts (e.g. humorous, urgent, informational)

(30%) Genre and Audience Awareness

  • Appropriate to the selected social media platform (e.g. Facebook vs. Instagram vs. Twitter)
  • Posts designed to connect with target audience
  • Meets constraints of social media platform
  • Takes advantage of online, social media platform’s capabilities

(20%) Delivery

  • Edited and polished
  • Legible and readable information
  • Balances visuals and text, leaning more heavily on visuals and being concise in prose


  1. Why did you choose the social media platform you’re using?
  2. How did you adjust the content of your posts to align with that social media platform?
  3. How would you characterize the purpose of your posts?
  4. What did you enjoy about creating the posts? What was challenging?
  5. What are the strengths of using social media to disseminate your green campaign?
  6. What could be improved in your posts?
  7. ___Name of colleague_____ gave me my best feedback. As a result, when I revised, I changed ____________ and ______________.



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