Wk 6.2 – Abbey, Earth First!, Glen Canyon – and NEPA op-ed

  1. Quiz on Abbey’s “Remarks” and Tafoya’s op-ed
  2. Case Study: Earth First! and Glen Canyon Dam. Reading: Abbey – Spring Equinox 1981 (Glen Canyon)
  3. Op-ed: Tafoya – Trumps Attack
  4. New op-ed (read in class): Thompson’s Trump targets a bedrock environmental law (High Country News)
  5. Not an Op-ed but good background on NEPA: Showdown Over Trump’s plan to overhaul NEPA
  6. Case Study Conference: Standing Rock Sioux and #NoDAPL
  7. HW: Draft #1 of op-ed for green campaign due in Canvas before class on M 2/17

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